Here I go…

At the moment this feels like the bravest and most foolish thing I’ve done in a long time, but I’m putting up the first chapter of the novel. The reason it feels foolish and brave is that I’m not convinced I’m proud of it, not convinced it’s worth sharing with the world. On the other hand, I can’t bring myself to throw it in the virtual garbage can, so I’ll just swallow a bit of pride and it offer it up to any readers who may be interested. It was never intended to be profound or change the world, it simply was my creative play time, my warm-hearted diversion from a world that many times over the years felt heavy and hard.

It might take me a few weeks to figure out the best format for posting, for keeping the chapters easily organized and accessible. Bear with me. I’m new to this novel publishing schtick. At the moment, the chapters should appear as a drop down menu if you hover over Being Ilia¬†at the top of the page. If you do read it, let me know, tell me what works, what doesn’t. If I’m going to expose myself to this kind of literary vulnerability, I may as well become a better writer in the process, and you, the reader, are my best shot at that. Some of you may have read versions of the first few chapters years ago- it’s embarrassing to admit how many years ago they were first written- but bear with it, I did move beyond those first chapters eventually. My goal is to post one chapter a week. Feel free to hold me accountable to that.

And so, for your reading enjoyment, I offer Being Ilia.

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Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
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Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
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Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
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Chapter Twenty
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Chapter Thirty
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Chapter Thirty-Six
Chapter Thirty-Seven