If I could bring myself to believe—
without fear of self-absorption—
that what the mystics and poets say is true,
that the work which finds you happiest
is your great assignment of love,
is the calling that best shifts
the cosmic balances away from suffering,
then every morning I would find my way
to the winding circle of stones
under the eucalyptus trees.
I would bring a small broom, maybe a rake,
and I would tend to that labyrinth
with a monk’s devotion, clear leaves, carry twigs.
This would be my green and growing nunnery,
the weaverbirds and firefinches my holy sisters.
I would obey my vows with fervour,
with gravity. And then—if what they say is true—
creation would fly towards hope and wholeness,
buoyed by my singing heart.
What work has ever found me happier?
What work has summoned in you this secret song?

5 thoughts on “Vocation

  1. Robyn Penner Thiessen says:

    Yes. and, Me too! I sit in my office and imagine this high and holy calling of tending to the earth, to our spirit, and to whole world . I love the image of you tending the labyrinth with a monk’s devotion and the birds as your holy sisters. Amen, sister.

    1. kirstencollective says:

      Yes, very fresh :). I would be incredibly honoured if my words found their way to Wonderscape, since I can’t be there myself. And I’d love hear to how those artists respond, what work buoys their hearts…Thank you for your encouragement!! I’m always thrilled when you connect with my poems.

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